About me

Carlos Sedeño  was born in  Barcelona in 1978. He is an experimental sound artist and musician, and film director in E.C.I.B (independent film school of Barcelona). He studied  Chemical Engineering at the Catalan Polytechnic University.

As a musician, he is a self-educated guitarist and he is continually developing his skill since he was fifteen.

He is a restless experimental researcher who mix different music realities. His main influences are experimental rock, post-jazz improvisation and electronic. He employs  music improvisation as a element of spontaneity,  a possibility of contemplation, detail of the fragile, air and/or noise. He says:

“Experimentation is the consequence  of a sense of dissatisfaction and confusion of the self in relation to everything around.”

In 2005 he attends a course of photography and he rapidly find a visual poetic language to be part of his music.

In 2007 he begins to experiment with his first videos creating his personal language for sounds and images, which he later will call visualsound art.